As Missouri's premier testing facility, GCA Labs sets the standard in delivering exceptional, cutting-edge laboratory services that adhere to state regulations. Our commitment to excellence ensures that our clients receive precise and reliable results, swiftly. Our expertise encompasses a comprehensive range of tests, including Cannabinoids (Potency), Terpenes, Moisture Content, Residual Solvents, Pesticides, Metals, Microbial Contaminants, and Mycotoxins, among others. At GCA Labs, we pride ourselves on our team of seasoned experts, who bring together a rich blend of research, analytical, forensic, and clinical backgrounds to meet and exceed your testing needs.

Our Mission

At GCA Labs, our mission is to provide world-class, state-compliant laboratory testing services, alongside exceptional customer support. We are dedicated to enhancing your experience with our innovative R&D services, ensuring not only adherence to state regulations but also offering solutions to improve your processes. Our rapid testing services, combined with the expertise of our seasoned team of scientists, are designed to effectively troubleshoot and resolve your challenges, setting new standards in quality and compliance.

Our Team


With years of experience in technology, security, manufacturing, and laboratory environments, he believes in providing unparalleled services and solutions to the healthcare industry and community. With perfection in his roots, he believes in a system that provides prompt delivery of fail-proof services. Employing the best team members and providing them with an atmosphere where they feel they own the business, he is able to achieve all his goals. He also firmly believes in serving his community and nation and supports various charity organizations with hopes of serving humanity worldwide.

Director Lab Operations

Our Director of Lab Operations is a certified medical technologist and a diplomat of the American Board of Forensic Toxicology. He is an expert with a vast knowledge of laboratory tests and laboratory management skills, including chain of custody, immunoassay, gas chromatography (headspace, FID, and NPD), GC-MS(MS), and LC-MS(MS)

Director Compliance

Our Director of Compliance is a techno-savvy, multilingual academic, scientist, and senior business executive with an entrepreneurial spirit. He has provided visionary leadership as a lecturer, director of administration, and Managing Director at an independent diagnostic testing facility in the healthcare sector. Previously, he led a team of 35 underwriters at the multinational financial services company Wells Fargo & Co. Prior to that, he provided data analytics and regulatory compliance on a loan portfolio of $880 billion as VP Credit and Portfolio Risk Management, VP Wall Street and VP Data Analytics within Citigroup. He is a crucial conversation specialist, a certified negotiator, and an Exercising Influence participant. He has completed over 100 courses in leadership, management, and personal development from Harvard Business School/Corporate Training over his tenure in corporate America.

Director of Research & Development

Our Director of R&D strives to ensure we are constantly improving at GCA. He is a PhD-holding scientist and inventor with a strong background in analytical chemistry, instrumental analysis, and separations science. He provides technical leadership on method development and process optimization and assists with laboratory management. His technical expertise and innovative spirit have led to the development of modernized methodologies with improved analysis speeds and reliability at reduced costs.