Additional Testing

Filth and Foreign Matter

A documented physical examination of the product(s) submitted for testing.

Water Activity

Quality control for moisture-sensitive products.

Moisture Content

Determine and report residual moisture content.

Vitamin E Acetate

A synthetic form of Vitamin E that has been used in vaping products and now may be related to public health issues.


Measurements to determine the uniform distribution of active ingredients in infused products ensure process integrity as well as consumer satisfaction.

Determination of Plant Gender

Plant gender determination can assist with cultivation productivity.

Genotype Testing

Genetic testing can assist growers and breeders with decisions on the strains being produced.

Test samples as required by the industry, consisting of but not limited to the following:

Plant flower

  • Sublingual Patches and Beverages
  • Pre-rolls

    Edibles, including but not limited to:

  • Gummies
  • Baked goods
  • Chocolates
  • Topicals, disposable vapor pens and Vape cartridges

In case of product failures, we assist the customer with advice on processes for pursuing successful remediation.

In addition, GCA intends to perform other testing related to research and development, as well as the optimization of growing and manufacturing processes. For instance, early-stage vegetative testing of mothers and associated clones for the purpose of prescreening flower quality and improving grow processes and the associated developed products.